As a child, I would always keep my hands busy with a paintbrush or a pencil just finding ways to put the kaleidoscope of my imagination onto paper. I developed a passion for art and since used it as a therapy to console my ever-evolving ideas.

As I grew older I yearned to find ways where I could expand my creative outlet so I started collecting things. I would go to second hand stores to find random trinkets, frames, fabric etc. These places became a cavern of my inspirational creativity. I would hoard things, and find ways to create art out of everything I decide to take home with me.

It wasn’t until recently where I started to sell some of my creations. I was inspired to bend wire into letters and soon into words. This form of art became an inseparable hobby and I started to expand my horizon with it by first making jewelry. As I perfected my wire bending skills, I started to get inquiries from my friends and family to make other things such as, wire hangers for bridal showers, custom frames, diaper cakes, wire toppers, and much more

 I am still growing as an artist and still finding innovative ways on how I can utilize my creativity to expand my artistry in Seattle’s vibrant art scene.

With my friends and families support, I am constantly challenging myself with making their ideas into reality and this is the part I love about being an artist.